Michelle Holland from Zeevo on how the programme gave her the focus she needed to successfully grow the company

Completing the Hi-Growth Launch Programme gave Michelle Holland the focus she needed to successfully grow web development company Zeevo and commercialise its first SaaS (software as a service) product.

Soon after buying the web business in 2010, Zeevo inadvertently developed a new product called FormTab – a fillable form app solution targeted at organisations with mobile field workers.  It streamlines data collection by accurately recording in-field data and sending back data using automated, custom workflows.

But it wasn’t until Michelle and two other staff, Chief Technology Officer Andrew Drake and Solution Architect Andy Burson, attended the programme they took the development of FormTab further following its success in the market.

“It was a challenging time.  We were trying to do product development while also carrying out our status quo work.  The programme gave us the focus we needed.  It made us really think about our product and see it through the users’ eyes, especially people that have never been exposed to technology before.”

Zeevo and FormTab are now established as two separate entities and are both experiencing growth.

Michelle said the mentor they were paired with, Ben Reid, had a good understanding of software as a service and gave honest and direct feedback.

“It was brilliant to have someone of his calibre,” she said.

She was also impressed with the additional services that Canterbury Development Corporation offered, or helped, the business access once the programme was completed.

Michelle recommends the programme to other businesses wanting to grow, although advises they must be prepared to fully commit to it.

“There is no point just turning up and paying lip service.  You need to be really invested, taking the time to go to all the workshops and doing the extra work that comes out of those.  You need to implement the changes that come out of it.”